Obituary: Jim Owens (1934-2020)

RIP to Jim Owens, who had a 12-year career as a pitcher before spending six seasons as a pitching coach. It has been reported that he died on September 8 at the age of 86. Owens pitched for the Philadelphia Phillies (1955-56, 1958-62), Cincinnati Reds (1963) and Houston Colt .45s/Astros (1964-67). The story that announced … Continue reading Obituary: Jim Owens (1934-2020)

Grave Story: Waite Hoyt (1899-1984)

Here lies Waite Hoyt, who was a rarity in baseball – a teenage phenom who actually lived up to his potential. Hoyt’s 21-year career included stops with the New York Giants (1918, 1932), Boston Red Sox (1919-20), New York Yankees (1921-30), Detroit Tigers (1930-31), Philadelphia Athletics (1931), Brooklyn Dodgers (1932, 1937-38) and Pittsburgh Pirates (1933-37). … Continue reading Grave Story: Waite Hoyt (1899-1984)

Grave Story: Alfred Goshorn (1833-1902)

Here lies Alfred Goshorn, a renowned Cincinnati businessman who also organized the 1876 Centennial exposition in Philadelphia. His claim to fame as far as baseball goes is that he was the first president of the Cincinnati Red Stockings, helping to give rise to professional baseball. Alfred Traber Goshorn was born in Cincinnati on July 15, … Continue reading Grave Story: Alfred Goshorn (1833-1902)