Obituary: Fred Valentine (1935-2022)

RIP to outfielder Fred Valentine, who played for seven seasons in the American League in the 1950s and 1960s. He also took part in the desegregation of the minor leagues, as the color barriers in professional baseball leagues and teams across the United States fell. Valentine died on December 26 at the age of 87. … Continue reading Obituary: Fred Valentine (1935-2022)

Grave Story: Jimmy Dygert (1884-1936)

The 1907 Philadelphia Athletics almost won the American League pennant, backed by three Hall-of-Fame starting pitchers. However, the pitcher who almost got them into the World Series was a little spitballer named Jimmy Dygert, whose major-league career lasted just six seasons. Arm problems ended his professional career before he was 30. Dygert played for the … Continue reading Grave Story: Jimmy Dygert (1884-1936)