Greve Story: Jeff Peeples (1951-1997)

Here lies Jeff Peeples, one of the greatest pitchers in Vanderbilt University history. Signed by the Cardinals, he was injured early in his pro career and never made it to the majors. Making it to Major League Baseball is one of the toughest accomplishments in all sports, and it’s a big reason why the Amateur … Continue reading Greve Story: Jeff Peeples (1951-1997)


Grave Story: Jimmy Williams (1876-1965)

Here lies Jimmy Williams, a triples-hitting machine in the majors and an outstanding second baseman for the Minneapolis Millers after his MLB career was done. His quick thinking averted a potential baseball tragedy. He played for the Pittsburgh Pirates (1899-1900), Baltimore Orioles (1901-1902), New York Yankees (1903-1907) and St. Louis Browns (1908-1909). Jimmy Williams was … Continue reading Grave Story: Jimmy Williams (1876-1965)