Grave Story: Ed Delahanty (1867-1903)

Here lies Ed Delahanty, a two-time batting champ, home run king, .400 hitter, part of one of the great baseball families and member of the Hall of Fame. And if he’s remembered these days for anything, it’s for the spectacular way he died – falling to his death at Niagara Falls. It is possibly the … Continue reading Grave Story: Ed Delahanty (1867-1903)

Twins prospect dies in New Zealand

RIP to Ryan Costello, an infielder in the Minnesota Twins organization. It was announced that Costello died in Auckland, New Zealand, overnight. The 23-year-old had arrived in the country last week in preparation to play with the Auckland Tuatara of the Australian Baseball League over the winter. Initial reports indicate that Costello died of natural … Continue reading Twins prospect dies in New Zealand