Greenville still loves Shoeless Joe Jackson

I'm working on a larger story about Shoeless Joe Jackson, but before we get into his life, let's talk about the city of Greenville, S.C. It's a charming town with a fine minor-league ballpark and plenty of good shops and restaurants. But if you're a baseball history fan, there is another big reason to visit. … Continue reading Greenville still loves Shoeless Joe Jackson

Grave Story: Jerry McQuaig (1912-2001)

Georgia native Jerry McQuaig rose to prominence as a star football player for Mercer University. The sport where he made his professional debut was baseball, however. McQuaig debuted with the Philadelphia Athletics in 1934 before a brief career in the minor leagues and a much longer career in the world of amateur Georgia ball. Gerald … Continue reading Grave Story: Jerry McQuaig (1912-2001)

Grave Story: Henry Diddlebock (1854-1900)

Here lies Henry Diddlebock, a long-time Philadelphia sportswriter and minor-league baseball executive. He also served as a manager for the St. Louis Browns, though the experiment of using a sportswriter as a manager lasted for all of 17 games in 1896. Henry Harrison Diddlebock was born in Philadelphia on June 27, 1854. His parents, Henry … Continue reading Grave Story: Henry Diddlebock (1854-1900)

Grave Story: Ralph Sharman (1895-1918)

Here lies Ralph Sharman, who briefly reached the major leagues with the Philadelphia Athletics in 1917. About eight months after making his major-league debut, he died in a training accident while in the Army. Ralph Edward Sharman was born in Cleveland on April 11, 1895. His parents, John and Hannah Sharman, had emigrated from England … Continue reading Grave Story: Ralph Sharman (1895-1918)

John Reilly survives a shipwreck but breaks his heart

(Note: For the full story on John Reilly's life, click here.) On June 11, 1880, John Reilly boarded the steamer SS Narragansett, which was traveling from New York City to Providence. He’d later achieve fame first as a slugging first baseman and then as a lithographer, but at the time he was a 21-year-old Cincinnati … Continue reading John Reilly survives a shipwreck but breaks his heart