Grave Story: Clydell “Slick” Castleman

Here lies Clydell "Slick" Castleman, who had a couple of successful seasons as a starting pitcher in the 1930s before injuries – and a vindictive manager – ended his career at the age of 25. In his retirement, he took on the noble goal of trying to teach Tennesseans to be better drivers. Castleman pitched … Continue reading Grave Story: Clydell “Slick” Castleman

Grave Story: Orville (Sam) Woodruff (1876-1937)

Here lies Orville Woodruff, a slick fielder whose major-league career consisted of two seasons, six years apart. Woodruff played for the Cincinnati Reds in 1904 and 1910. He listed as “Sam Woodruff” on Baseball Reference and all the stat sites for reasons that I have not determined. Orville Francis Woodruff was born in Chilo, Ohio, … Continue reading Grave Story: Orville (Sam) Woodruff (1876-1937)

Grave Story: Nolen Richardson (1903-1951)

Here lies Nolen Richardson, a third baseman/shortstop who was known for his fielding ability — his hitting ability, not so much. He played for the Detroit Tigers (1929, 1931-32), New York Yankees (1935) and Cincinnati Reds (1938-39). He also served, all too briefly, as the head coach of the University of Georgia Bulldogs baseball team … Continue reading Grave Story: Nolen Richardson (1903-1951)