Grave Story: Patsy Tebeau (1864-1918)

Here lies Patsy Tebeau, one of the most vicious men to ever play the game of baseball. He was also a brilliant tactician, but if there was ever a notion that 19th-Century baseball was a game of gentlemen, Tebeau spiked that notion, spat on it and sent it running home. He played for the Chicago … Continue reading Grave Story: Patsy Tebeau (1864-1918)

Grave Story: Frank Delahanty (1882-1966)

Here lies Frank Delahanty, the last surviving brother of the famed baseball-playing Delahantys. He had a brief career in the American League and Federal League and a rough post-baseball career that included a prison stint. Delahanty played for the New York Highlanders (1905-06, 1908), Cleveland Naps (1907), and the Buffalo Buffeds (1914) and Pittsburgh Rebels … Continue reading Grave Story: Frank Delahanty (1882-1966)

Grave Story: Billy Hitchcock (1916-2006)

Here lies Billy Hitchcock, whose life in baseball included stints as a player, coach, manager and minor-league executive. As an infielder, Hitchcock played for the Detroit Tigers (1942, 1946, 1953), Washington Senators (1946), St. Louis Browns (1947), Boston Red Sox (1948-1949) and Philadelphia Athletics (1950-1952). He also served as a manager for the Tigers (1960), … Continue reading Grave Story: Billy Hitchcock (1916-2006)