Grave Story: Merrill Combs (1919-1981)

Here lies Merrill Combs, an infielder who played about a season’s worth of major-league games spread out across five years and three teams. Combs played for the Boston Red Sox (1947, 1949-50), Washington Senators (1950) and Cleveland Indians (1951-52). Merrill Russell Combs was born in Los Angeles on December 11, 1919. He is listed on … Continue reading Grave Story: Merrill Combs (1919-1981)


Grave Story: Marvin Felderman (1915-2000)

Here lies Marv Felderman, whose major-league career lasted for three games with the Chicago Cubs in 1942. His minor-league career lasted a good bit longer than that, and his military career had some athletic highlights as well. Marvin Wilfred Felderman was born in Bellevue, Iowa, on December 20, 1915. He was nicknamed “Coonie,” which was … Continue reading Grave Story: Marvin Felderman (1915-2000)