Obituary: Ed FitzGerald (1924-2020)

RIP to Ed FitzGerald, who had a 12-year career as a backup catcher in the 1940s and '50s. He died on June 14 at the age of 96. FitzGerald played for the Pittsburgh Pirates (1948-53), Washington Senators (1953-59) and Cleveland Indians (1959). The surname is a bit unusual, as most players with his last name … Continue reading Obituary: Ed FitzGerald (1924-2020)

Grave Story: Jim Delahanty (1879-1953)

Here lies Jim Delahanty, a well-traveled infielder whose penchant for troublemaking may have gotten him banned from baseball – unofficially, of course. He played for the Chicago Orphans (1901), New York Giants (1902), Boston Beaneaters (1904-05), Cincinnati Reds (1906), St. Louis Browns (1907), Washington Senators (1907-1909), and Detroit Tigers (1909-1912), as well as the Brooklyn … Continue reading Grave Story: Jim Delahanty (1879-1953)