Obituary: Don G. Leppert (1931-2023)

RIP to Don Leppert, an All-Star catcher who played for 4 seasons in the majors in the 1960s. He died on April 13 in Delaware, Ohio. He was 91 years old. He is also not to be confused with baseball's other Don Leppert, who played for the 1955 Orioles and who died in 2021. This … Continue reading Obituary: Don G. Leppert (1931-2023)


Obituary: Rudy Hernández (1931-2022)

RIP to Rudy Hernández, the first native Dominican pitcher to appear in the American or National League. His family reported that he died on Wednesday, November 23, in Condado, Puerto Rico, at the age of 90. Hernández also holds a rare distinction of playing for two different Washington Senators franchises in consecutive seasons. He played … Continue reading Obituary: Rudy Hernández (1931-2022)