Greve Story: Jeff Peeples (1951-1997)

Here lies Jeff Peeples, one of the greatest pitchers in Vanderbilt University history. Signed by the Cardinals, he was injured early in his pro career and never made it to the majors. Making it to Major League Baseball is one of the toughest accomplishments in all sports, and it’s a big reason why the Amateur … Continue reading Greve Story: Jeff Peeples (1951-1997)


Grave Story: Ed Heusser (1909-1956)

Here lies Ed Heusser, a pitcher for the famed Gas House Gang who also had a once-in-a-lifetime brilliant season with the Reds. He played for the St. Louis Cardinals (1935-36), Philadelphia Phillies (1938, 1948), Philadelphia Athletics (1940) and Cincinnati Reds (1943-46). Edward Burlton Heusser was born on May, 1909 in Murray, Utah. His father died … Continue reading Grave Story: Ed Heusser (1909-1956)