Obituary: Chuck Hartenstein (1942-2021)

RIP to pitcher Chuck Hartenstein, a college star who went on to have a 6-year career in the majors. He died on October 2 at the age of 79. Hartenstein played for the Chicago Cubs (1965-68), Pittsburgh Pirates (1969-70), St. Louis Cardinals (1970), Boston Red Sox (1970) and Toronto Blue Jays (1977). Charles Oscar Hartenstein … Continue reading Obituary: Chuck Hartenstein (1942-2021)

Obituary: Jim “Mudcat” Grant (1935-2021)

RIP to All-Star pitcher Mudcat Grant, the first African-American to win 20 games in the American League. According to the Cleveland Indians, Grant died peacefully in Los Angeles on June 11. He was 85 years old. Over his long life, Grant involved himself in a number of off-the-field activities, including announcing, charity work, writing and … Continue reading Obituary: Jim “Mudcat” Grant (1935-2021)