Obituary: Rafael Carmona (1972-2021)

RIP to Rafael Carmona, who had a 4-year career as a reliever with the Seattle Mariners before injuries brought an end to his career. It was reported by the Puerto Rican National Baseball Team that he has passed away at the age of 48. An exact date or cause of death was not immediately available; … Continue reading Obituary: Rafael Carmona (1972-2021)

Obituary: Luis Valbuena (1985-2018)

RIP to Luis Valbuena, an infielder who was one of two major-league ballplayers killed in a car accident in Venezuela on December 6. He had just celebrated his 33rd birthday on November 30. Valbuena played for the Seattle Mariners (2008), Cleveland Indians (2009-11), Chicago Cubs (2012-14), Houston Astros (2015-16) and Los Angeles Angels (2017-2018). Valbuena … Continue reading Obituary: Luis Valbuena (1985-2018)