Obituary: Ted Cox (1955-2020)

RIP to Ted Cox, a former First Round draft pick who had quite possibly one of the best starts to a career in baseball history. He died on March 11, 2020 at the age of 65. Cox, a designated hitter, third baseman and outfielder, played for the Boston Red Sox (1977), Cleveland Indians (1978-79), Seattle … Continue reading Obituary: Ted Cox (1955-2020)

Obituary: Luis Valbuena (1985-2018)

RIP to Luis Valbuena, an infielder who was one of two major-league ballplayers killed in a car accident in Venezuela on December 6. He had just celebrated his 33rd birthday on November 30. Valbuena played for the Seattle Mariners (2008), Cleveland Indians (2009-11), Chicago Cubs (2012-14), Houston Astros (2015-16) and Los Angeles Angels (2017-2018). Valbuena … Continue reading Obituary: Luis Valbuena (1985-2018)