Obituary: Eddie Basinski (1922-2022)

RIP to Eddie Basinski, who was the second-oldest living ballplayer and one of the last surviving members of the Brooklyn Dodgers. He died on January 8 in Gladstone, Ore., at the age of 99. He had lived in a care facility there for the last seven years after being diagnosed with dementia. Basinski played for … Continue reading Obituary: Eddie Basinski (1922-2022)

Grave Story: Tom “Tink” Turner (1890-1962)

Here lies Tom “Tink” Turner, who got his one-game career in major-league baseball the old-fashioned way: he asked for it. Yes, things were a little different in baseball in the 1910s. Turner pitched in one game for the Philadelphia Athletics in 1915 and parlayed that into a long career as a scout and minor-league executive. … Continue reading Grave Story: Tom “Tink” Turner (1890-1962)