Grave Story: Jim Keenan (1856-1926)

Jim Keenan typifies the experience of the earliest professional baseball player. He played for five teams in three professional leagues for 11 seasons over a span of 17 years. Oh, and he played at seven different positions during that time, too. Major League Baseball is professional, regimented, orderly and specialized now, but that hides its … Continue reading Grave Story: Jim Keenan (1856-1926)


Grave Story: Cliff Carroll (1859-1923)

Here lies Cliff Carroll, a speedy outfielder from the 19th Century. He was also the victim of one of the greatest wardrobe malfunctions in baseball history. Carroll played for the Providence Grays (1882-85), Washington Nationals (1886-87), Pittsburgh Alleghenys (1888), Chicago Colts (1890-91). St. Louis Browns (1892) and Boston Beaneaters (1893). Samuel Clifford Carroll was born … Continue reading Grave Story: Cliff Carroll (1859-1923)

Grave Story: Russ McKelvy (1854-1915)

Here lies Russ McKelvy, an early two-way baseball player who played parts of two seasons in two different leagues. McKelvy was an outfielder and pitcher for the Indianapolis Blues of the National League (1878) and the Pittsburgh Allegheneys of the American Association (1882). Russell Errett McKelvy was born on September 8, 1854 in Swissville, Pa. … Continue reading Grave Story: Russ McKelvy (1854-1915)