Grave Story: Ed Delahanty (1867-1903)

Here lies Ed Delahanty, a two-time batting champ, home run king, .400 hitter, part of one of the great baseball families and member of the Hall of Fame. And if he’s remembered these days for anything, it’s for the spectacular way he died – falling to his death at Niagara Falls. It is possibly the … Continue reading Grave Story: Ed Delahanty (1867-1903)


Grave Story: Charlie Buffinton (1861-1907)

(Editor’s note: I want to thank my Instagram friend Graveside Historian for sending me these pics. Follow their work at Here lies Charlie Buffinton, one of the greatest pitchers of 19th Century baseball and, you could argue, one of the best pitchers not currently a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Buffinton … Continue reading Grave Story: Charlie Buffinton (1861-1907)