Grave Story: Earl Naylor (1919-1990)

Here lies Earl Naylor, a rare two-way player during the 1940s. He started out as an outfielder, and a strong throwing arm led to a brief pitching experiment. Naylor played for the Philadelphia Phillies (1942-43) and Brooklyn Dodgers (1946). Earl Naylor was born on May 19, 1919 in Kansas City, Mo. He had an early … Continue reading Grave Story: Earl Naylor (1919-1990)


Obituary: David Montgomery (1946-2019)

R.I.P. to David P. Montgomery, a president and chairman of the Philadelphia Phillies. Montgomery, who had been involved with the team for more than 45 years, died on May 8 after a five-year battle with cancer. He was 72 years old. “David was one of Philadelphia’s most influential business and civic leaders in his … Continue reading Obituary: David Montgomery (1946-2019)

Grave Story: Ed Heusser (1909-1956)

Here lies Ed Heusser, a pitcher for the famed Gas House Gang who also had a once-in-a-lifetime brilliant season with the Reds. He played for the St. Louis Cardinals (1935-36), Philadelphia Phillies (1938, 1948), Philadelphia Athletics (1940) and Cincinnati Reds (1943-46). Edward Burlton Heusser was born on May, 1909 in Murray, Utah. His father died … Continue reading Grave Story: Ed Heusser (1909-1956)

Grave Story: Todd Frohwirth (1962-2017)

Here lies Todd Frohwirth, a relief pitcher whose submarine-style delivery made him one of the more recognizable relievers in baseball in the late 1980s and early ‘90s. He pitched for the Philadelphia Phillies (1987-90), Baltimore Orioles (1991-93), Boston Red Sox (1994) and California Angels (1996). Frohwirth was born in Milwaukee, Wis. on September 28, 1962. … Continue reading Grave Story: Todd Frohwirth (1962-2017)