Grave Story: Ed McKean (1864-1919)

Here lies Ed McKean, a hard-hitting shortstop from the 19th Century who played on some tough Cleveland teams. He played for the Cleveland Blues of the American Association (1887-88), Cleveland Spiders (1889-98) and St. Louis Perfectos (1899). Edwin John McKean was born in Grafton, Ohio, on June 6, 1864. He started playing pro ball with … Continue reading Grave Story: Ed McKean (1864-1919)

Patsy Tebeau assaults an umbrella and other stories

While writing the grave story of Patsy Tebeau, I came across a huge treasury of stories about him. Many featured him getting into altercations with umpires, as you'd expect given his infamous temper. I briefly tried keeping track of his many fines and suspensions but gave up in frustration. But there are some good stories … Continue reading Patsy Tebeau assaults an umbrella and other stories