Obituary: Bill Bartholomay (1928-2020)

RIP to Bill Bartholomay, the former owner of the Braves who moved the team to Atlanta. He died on March 25 after a brief illness at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. Doctors, according to the Atlanta Constitution-Journal, reported that he suffered from a respiratory infection that was not the coronavirus COVID-19. He was 91 years old. The … Continue reading Obituary: Bill Bartholomay (1928-2020)

Grave Story: Florence Killilea Boley

Here lies Florence Killilea Boley, one of the earliest female baseball team owners in the country. She took over the American Association’s Milwaukee Brewers in 1929 following her father Henry’s death. Though her time as an owner was tragically short, she was a sensation, even challenging the power of the mighty Kenesaw Mountain Landis. The … Continue reading Grave Story: Florence Killilea Boley