Grave Story: George Ziegler (1866-1942)

Here lies (in the unmarked grave in the center of the photo) George Ziegler, who pitched one game for the Pittsburgh Alleghenys in 1890. While a little is known about his baseball career, almost nothing is known about his life outside of baseball – particularly how or why he came to a tragic fate in … Continue reading Grave Story: George Ziegler (1866-1942)

Grave Story: Charlie Hallstrom (1863-1949)

(This article originally appeared on the Hall of Very Good.) Here lies Charlie “The Swedish Wonder” Hallstrom, the first Sweden-born major-league baseball player. He pitched one game for the 1885 Providence Grays. In 1885, it was fairly common for teams to use a two-manpitching staff. It was also fairly common for pitchers to blow their … Continue reading Grave Story: Charlie Hallstrom (1863-1949)