Grave Story: Hank Small (1953-2010)

Here lies Hank Small, a record-setting slugger in college whose Major League Baseball career was limited to one game. Small played for the 1978 Atlanta Braves. George Henry Small was born in Atlanta on July 31, 1953. He grew up in an area of Atlanta called the Golden Ghetto – a rough neighborhood surrounded by … Continue reading Grave Story: Hank Small (1953-2010)

Grave Story: Charlie Hallstrom (1863-1949)

(This article originally appeared on the Hall of Very Good.) Here lies Charlie “The Swedish Wonder” Hallstrom, the first Sweden-born major-league baseball player. He pitched one game for the 1885 Providence Grays. In 1885, it was fairly common for teams to use a two-manpitching staff. It was also fairly common for pitchers to blow their … Continue reading Grave Story: Charlie Hallstrom (1863-1949)