Obituary: Johnny Antonelli (1930-2020)

RIP to Johnny Antonelli, an All-Star pitcher and World Series who bridged the era between the New York and San Francisco Giants. He died on Feb. 28 at the age of 89. Antonelli pitched for the Boston/Milwaukee Braves (1948-50, 1953, 1961), New York/San Francisco Giants (1954-1960) and Cleveland Indians (1961). News of his passing hit … Continue reading Obituary: Johnny Antonelli (1930-2020)


Grave Story: Jim Delahanty (1879-1953)

Here lies Jim Delahanty, a well-traveled infielder whose penchant for troublemaking may have gotten him banned from baseball – unofficially, of course. He played for the Chicago Orphans (1901), New York Giants (1902), Boston Beaneaters (1904-05), Cincinnati Reds (1906), St. Louis Browns (1907), Washington Senators (1907-1909), and Detroit Tigers (1909-1912), as well as the Brooklyn … Continue reading Grave Story: Jim Delahanty (1879-1953)

Grave Story: Steve Evans (1883- 1943)

Here lies Steve Evans, a solid player in the National and Federal leagues, and one of the early 20th Century’s unrivaled flakes. Evans was an outfielder and first baseman for the New York Giants (1908) and St. Louis Cardinals (1909-1913), and then the Brooklyn Tip-Tops (1914-15) and Baltimore Terrapins (1915) of the Federal League. All … Continue reading Grave Story: Steve Evans (1883- 1943)