Grave Story: Hilton Smith (1907-1983)

Here lies Hilton Smith, one of the greatest pitchers in the history of the Negro Leagues. And the reason he isn’t celebrated more today is because he was frequently teammates with the greatest pitcher in the history of the Negro Leagues – and who wouldn’t be overshadowed by Satchel Paige? Smith played for the Monroe … Continue reading Grave Story: Hilton Smith (1907-1983)


Grave Story: Bobby Marshall (1880-1958)

Here lies Bobby Marshall, a pioneer in professional football. He, along with Fritz Pollard, were the first African-American players in the National Football League. However, Marshall was an accomplished baseball player as well, playing for several teams in the years before the Negro Leagues were established. He was active in sports well into his late … Continue reading Grave Story: Bobby Marshall (1880-1958)