Obituary: Billy Moran (1933-2021)

RIP to Billy Moran, an All-Star second infielder who had a 7-year career in the majors in the 1950s and '60s. He died on October 21 at the age of 87. Moran played for the Cleveland Indians (1958-59, 1964-65) and Los Angeles Angels (1961-64). William Nelson Moran was born in Montgomery, Ala., on November 27, … Continue reading Obituary: Billy Moran (1933-2021)

Grave Story: Dean Chance (1941-2015)

Here lies Dean Chance, who was a two-time All-Star and a Cy Young Award winner. That’s when he wasn’t making headlines for… other reasons. Chance pitched for the Los Angeles/California Angels (1961-66), Minnesota Twins (1967-69), Cleveland Indians (1970), New York Mets (1970) and Detroit Tigers (1971). Wilmer Dean Chance was born on June 1, 1941 … Continue reading Grave Story: Dean Chance (1941-2015)