Grave Story: Wib Smith (1886-1959)

Here lies Wib Smith, who had a brief career as a catcher in the major leagues before enjoying a successful career in the minor leagues in Minnesota. Smith played 17 games for the St. Louis Browns in 1909. Wilbur Smith was born on August 30, 1886, in Evart, Mich. According to census data, his parents … Continue reading Grave Story: Wib Smith (1886-1959)


Grave Story: Jimmy Williams (1876-1965)

Here lies Jimmy Williams, a triples-hitting machine in the majors and an outstanding second baseman for the Minneapolis Millers after his MLB career was done. His quick thinking averted a potential baseball tragedy. He played for the Pittsburgh Pirates (1899-1900), Baltimore Orioles (1901-1902), New York Yankees (1903-1907) and St. Louis Browns (1908-1909). Jimmy Williams was … Continue reading Grave Story: Jimmy Williams (1876-1965)