Grave Story: Yip Owens (1886-1958)

If you go to Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis, you will find that there is indeed a lake… and woods. The lake, apart from being a peaceful place to sit, has also been a place where cremains are scattered. That’s what I’m assuming at least, because if you search on Lakewood’s website for the final resting … Continue reading Grave Story: Yip Owens (1886-1958)


Grave Story: Jimmy Williams (1876-1965)

Here lies Jimmy Williams, a triples-hitting machine in the majors and an outstanding second baseman for the Minneapolis Millers after his MLB career was done. His quick thinking averted a potential baseball tragedy. He played for the Pittsburgh Pirates (1899-1900), Baltimore Orioles (1901-1902), New York Yankees (1903-1907) and St. Louis Browns (1908-1909). Jimmy Williams was … Continue reading Grave Story: Jimmy Williams (1876-1965)