Grave Story: Bill Wambsganss (1894-1985)

Here lies Bill Wambsganss, a deadball era infielder who is best known for performing an unassisted triple play during the 1920 World Series – a feat that has never been duplicated in the postseason. Wambsganss played for the Cleveland Naps/Indians (1914-1923), Boston Red Sox (1924-25) and Philadelphia Athletics (1926). Bill Wambsganss was born on March … Continue reading Grave Story: Bill Wambsganss (1894-1985)

Grave Story: Frank Delahanty (1882-1966)

Here lies Frank Delahanty, the last surviving brother of the famed baseball-playing Delahantys. He had a brief career in the American League and Federal League and a rough post-baseball career that included a prison stint. Delahanty played for the New York Highlanders (1905-06, 1908), Cleveland Naps (1907), and the Buffalo Buffeds (1914) and Pittsburgh Rebels … Continue reading Grave Story: Frank Delahanty (1882-1966)

Grave Story: Bert Brenner (1887-1971)

Here lies Bert Brenner, who had a brilliant major league pitching debut but had only one more major-league appearance after that. Brenner played for the Cleveland Naps (1912). Delbert Brenner was born in Minneapolis on July 18, 1887. Brenner never played in professional baseball until he threw his first pitch for Cleveland. He had played … Continue reading Grave Story: Bert Brenner (1887-1971)