Grave Story: Bug Holliday (1867-1910)

Here lies Bug Holliday, who had a short but impactful career as one of the hardest hitters of the late 19th Century. He was fondly remembered for his animated personality as much as his batting prowess. Holliday played for the Cincinnati Red Stockings of the American Association (1889) and the Cincinnati Reds of the National … Continue reading Grave Story: Bug Holliday (1867-1910)

John Reilly survives a shipwreck but breaks his heart

(Note: For the full story on John Reilly's life, click here.) On June 11, 1880, John Reilly boarded the steamer SS Narragansett, which was traveling from New York City to Providence. He’d later achieve fame first as a slugging first baseman and then as a lithographer, but at the time he was a 21-year-old Cincinnati … Continue reading John Reilly survives a shipwreck but breaks his heart

Grave Story: Charlie Gould (1847-1917)

Here lies Charlie Gould, the first baseman on the renowned 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings team and the first-ever manager of the Cincinnati Reds. Gould played for the Boston Red Stockings (1871-72), Baltimore Canaries (1874) and New Haven Elm Citys (1875), all of the National Association, and the Cincinnati Reds (1876-77). He also managed in New … Continue reading Grave Story: Charlie Gould (1847-1917)

Grave Story: Frank Bancroft (1846-1921)

Here lies Frank Bancroft, who managed seven different teams in his career, including one of the most remarkable teams of the 19th Century. He also became a successful business manager who instituted several baseball traditions we still hold dear. Bancroft managed the Worcester Ruby Legs (1880), Detroit Wolverines (1881-82), Cleveland Blues (1883), Providence Grays (1884-85), … Continue reading Grave Story: Frank Bancroft (1846-1921)