Grave Story: Jim Keenan (1856-1926)

Jim Keenan typifies the experience of the earliest professional baseball player. He played for five teams in three professional leagues for 11 seasons over a span of 17 years. Oh, and he played at seven different positions during that time, too. Major League Baseball is professional, regimented, orderly and specialized now, but that hides its … Continue reading Grave Story: Jim Keenan (1856-1926)

Grave Story: Alfred Goshorn (1833-1902)

Here lies Alfred Goshorn, a renowned Cincinnati businessman who also organized the 1876 Centennial exposition in Philadelphia. His claim to fame as far as baseball goes is that he was the first president of the Cincinnati Red Stockings, helping to give rise to professional baseball. Alfred Traber Goshorn was born in Cincinnati on July 15, … Continue reading Grave Story: Alfred Goshorn (1833-1902)

Grave Story: Fred Waterman (1845-1899)

Here lies Fred Waterman, the third baseman on the 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings, baseball’s first openly professional team. He also had a productive career in baseball before and after the Red Stockings. Sadly, he died in poverty and largely forgotten in the city where he helped make baseball history. Waterman played in the National Association … Continue reading Grave Story: Fred Waterman (1845-1899)