Obituary: Randy Jackson (1926-2019)

R.I.P. to Randy "Handsome Ransom" Jackson, an All-Star with the Cubs and the answer to a Brooklyn Dodgers trivia question. He died on March 20 at his home in Athens, Ga. He was 93 years old. Jackson played for the Chicago Cubs (1950-55, 1960), Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers (1956-58) and Cleveland Indians (1958-59). Ransom Jackson was … Continue reading Obituary: Randy Jackson (1926-2019)


Obituary: Luis Valbuena (1985-2018)

RIP to Luis Valbuena, an infielder who was one of two major-league ballplayers killed in a car accident in Venezuela on December 6. He had just celebrated his 33rd birthday on November 30. Valbuena played for the Seattle Mariners (2008), Cleveland Indians (2009-11), Chicago Cubs (2012-14), Houston Astros (2015-16) and Los Angeles Angels (2017-2018). Valbuena … Continue reading Obituary: Luis Valbuena (1985-2018)

Mandy Brooks

8/18/1897-12/6/1976 Buried in St. Adalbert Cemetery, Milwaukee, Wis. Here lies Mandy Brooks, who was an outfielder for the Chicago Cubs in 1925-6. I know the headstone reads John Brozek, but trust me, Brozek is Brooks. Brozek’s Americanization of his last name has led to all manner of confusion in baseball circles, especially when his obituary … Continue reading Mandy Brooks