Grave Story: Gabby Hartnett (1900-1972)

Here lies Gabby Hartnett, a Hall of Famer, a frequent participant in historic baseball events and one of the greatest catchers of the early 20th Century. He played for the Chicago Cubs (1922-40) and New York Giants (1941). Charles Leo Hartnett was born in Woonsocket, R.I., on December 20, 1900, but he grew up in … Continue reading Grave Story: Gabby Hartnett (1900-1972)

Grave Story: Otis Clymer (1876-1926)

Here lies Otis Clymer, a speedy outfielder who played for four teams in the majors and several championship teams in the minors. He played for the Pittsburgh Pirates (1905-07), Washington Senators (1907-09), Chicago Cubs (1913) and Boston Braves (1913). Otis Edgar Clymer was born in Pine Grove, Pa., on January 27, 1876. His professional debut … Continue reading Grave Story: Otis Clymer (1876-1926)

Obituary: Bobby Del Greco (1933-2019)

RIP to Bobby Del Greco, an outfielder for six teams from 1952-1965. He died on October 13 at the age of 86. He had been battling severe dementia, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Del Greco played for the Pittsburgh Pirates (1952, 1956), St. Louis Cardinals (1956), Chicago Cubs (1957), New York Yankees (1957-58), Philadelphia Phillies … Continue reading Obituary: Bobby Del Greco (1933-2019)