Obituary: Paul Doyle (1939-2020)

RIP to Paul Doyle, a lefty reliever who helped the Braves into the postseason before an arm injury curtailed his career. He died on May 6 in California at the age of 80. Doyle played for the Atlanta Braves (1969), California Angels (1970, 1972) and San Diego Padres (1970). Paul Doyle was born in Philadelphia … Continue reading Obituary: Paul Doyle (1939-2020)

Obituary: Andy Etchebarren (1943-2019)

RIP to Andy Etchebarren, a two-time All-Star catcher and a long-time minor-league manager. He died on October 5 at the age of 76. Etchebarren played for the Baltimore Orioles (1962, 1965-1975), California Angels (1975-1977) and Milwaukee Brewers (1978). He managed in the minor leagues and in independent baseball until 2012. Andy Etchebarren was born … Continue reading Obituary: Andy Etchebarren (1943-2019)