Grave Story: Hub Collins (1864-1892)

With great speed, good defense and a knack for getting on base regularly, Hub Collins was one of the top second baseman in the American Association and National League – right up to the point that he died in the prime of his career. Welcome to life in the 19th Century. Collins played for the … Continue reading Grave Story: Hub Collins (1864-1892)


Grave Story: Harry Stovey

(Note: this story originally appeared on Hall of Very Good.) Here lies Harry Stovey, one of the greatest superstars of the 19th Century. He played for the Worcester Ruby Legs (1880-82), Philadelphia Athletics of the American Association (1883-89), Boston Reds of the Player's League (1890), Boston Beaneaters (1891-92), Baltimore Orioles (1892-93) and Brooklyn Grooms (1893). … Continue reading Grave Story: Harry Stovey