Obituary: Vin Scully (1927-2022)

RIP to Vin Scully, the greatest broadcaster in the history of baseball -- if not all of professional sports. In a career that spanned 67 years, Scully's voice was a constant in Dodgers history, from Jackie Robinson to Clayton Kershaw. The Dodgers announced that Scully died on August 2 at the age of 94. "We … Continue reading Obituary: Vin Scully (1927-2022)

Grave Story: Waite Hoyt (1899-1984)

Here lies Waite Hoyt, who was a rarity in baseball – a teenage phenom who actually lived up to his potential. Hoyt’s 21-year career included stops with the New York Giants (1918, 1932), Boston Red Sox (1919-20), New York Yankees (1921-30), Detroit Tigers (1930-31), Philadelphia Athletics (1931), Brooklyn Dodgers (1932, 1937-38) and Pittsburgh Pirates (1933-37). … Continue reading Grave Story: Waite Hoyt (1899-1984)