Grave Story: Hub Collins (1864-1892)

With great speed, good defense and a knack for getting on base regularly, Hub Collins was one of the top second baseman in the American Association and National League – right up to the point that he died in the prime of his career. Welcome to life in the 19th Century. Collins played for the … Continue reading Grave Story: Hub Collins (1864-1892)

Grave Story: Billy Barnie (1853-1900)

Here lies “Bald Billy” Barnie, a catcher/outfielder who went on to manage until the day he died. Literally. He played for the Hartford Dark Blues (1874), Keokuk Westerns (1875) and New York Mutuals (1875) of the National Assn. and the Baltimore Orioles (1883, 1886) of the American Assn. He also managed the Orioles (1883-91), Washington … Continue reading Grave Story: Billy Barnie (1853-1900)