Grave Story: Hy Vandenberg (1906-1994)

Here lies Hy Vandenberg, who pitched for seven seasons in the 1930s and ‘40s. He didn’t have his best seasons until he reached the age where most ballplayers retire. Vandenberg played for the Boston Red Sox (1935), New York Giants (1937-40) and Chicago Cubs (1944-45). Harold Harris Vandenberg was born on March 17, 1906 in … Continue reading Grave Story: Hy Vandenberg (1906-1994)

Obituary: Lenny Green (1933-2019)

RIP to Lenny Green, a centerfielder who played from 1957-1968 for five teams. He died on January 6, which was his 86th birthday. Green played for the Baltimore Orioles (1957-59, 1964), Washington Senators (1959-60)/Minnesota Twins (1961-64), Los Angeles Angels (1964), Boston Red Sox (1965-66) and Detroit Tigers (1967-68). Leonard Green was born on January 6, … Continue reading Obituary: Lenny Green (1933-2019)