Obituary: Bert Thiel (1926-2020)

RIP to Bert Thiel, who pitched in 4 games for the Boston Braves in 1952. He died at his home in Pella, Wis., on July 31 at the age of 96. Thiel was one of two surviving members of the Boston Braves -- Del Crandall being the other. Maynard Bert Thiel was born in Marian, … Continue reading Obituary: Bert Thiel (1926-2020)

Grave Story: Otis Clymer (1876-1926)

Here lies Otis Clymer, a speedy outfielder who played for four teams in the majors and several championship teams in the minors. He played for the Pittsburgh Pirates (1905-07), Washington Senators (1907-09), Chicago Cubs (1913) and Boston Braves (1913). Otis Edgar Clymer was born in Pine Grove, Pa., on January 27, 1876. His professional debut … Continue reading Grave Story: Otis Clymer (1876-1926)