Grave Story: William Hulbert (1832-1882)

Here lies William Hulbert, a baseball pioneer who helped launch the National League and navigated the league through its early growing pains. He also happens to have one of the most famous grave markers of anybody in the baseball world. William Ambrose Hulbert was born on October 23, 1832, in Burlington Flats, N.Y. – about … Continue reading Grave Story: William Hulbert (1832-1882)

Grave Story: Alfred Goshorn (1833-1902)

Here lies Alfred Goshorn, a renowned Cincinnati businessman who also organized the 1876 Centennial exposition in Philadelphia. His claim to fame as far as baseball goes is that he was the first president of the Cincinnati Red Stockings, helping to give rise to professional baseball. Alfred Traber Goshorn was born in Cincinnati on July 15, … Continue reading Grave Story: Alfred Goshorn (1833-1902)