Obutuary: Tim McCarver (1941-2023)

RIP to Tim McCarver, who won over countless baseball fans as both an All-Star catcher and an award-winning broadcaster. There aren't many, if any, people other than McCarver who could lay claim to a playing career and a broadcasting career that both spanned four decades. McCarver died on February 16 in Memphis, Tenn., at the … Continue reading Obutuary: Tim McCarver (1941-2023)


Grave Story: Ernie Johnson (1924-2011)

Here lies Ernie Johnson, a beloved member of the Atlanta Braves family. In his playing days, he was a pretty good relief pitcher. However, he made his fame as an announcer for the Atlanta Braves for decades, taking Braves fandom nationwide thanks to the TBS superstation. Johnson played for the Boston/Milwaukee Braves (1950, 1952-58) and … Continue reading Grave Story: Ernie Johnson (1924-2011)