Grave Story: Carl Pohlad (1915-2009)

Here lies Carl Pohlad, former owner of the Minnesota Twins. During his tenure from 1984-2009, he went from a hero who saved the Twins to a villain who almost drove the team out of existence. Such is the life of a baseball executive. Carl Pohlad was born on August 23, 1915 in Des Moines, Iowa, … Continue reading Grave Story: Carl Pohlad (1915-2009)


Road trip to Chattanooga: Unmarked graves & Lookouts

With it being Spring Break, the family decided on a short trip to Chattanooga for a little fun, cemetery searching and minor league baseball. I'd been there once before and found a few graves at the Chattanooga National Cemetery, but rain kept me from exploring any further. This week, the weather was perfect. Though I … Continue reading Road trip to Chattanooga: Unmarked graves & Lookouts