Obituary: Bruce Sutter (1953-2022)

RIP to Bruce Sutter, a Hall of Fame pitcher and one of the pioneering relievers who made the role of closer so important. He died on Thursday, October 13, in hospice in Cartersville, Ga. He was 69 years old and had recently been diagnosed with cancer, according to statements from his family. Sutter played for … Continue reading Obituary: Bruce Sutter (1953-2022)

Grave Story: Charley “Greek” George (1912-1999)

Here lies Charley "Greek" George, a short-tempered, umpire-baiting catcher whose career ended with one punch. George played for the Cleveland Indians (1935-36), Brooklyn Dodgers (1938), Chicago Cubs (1941) and Philadelphia Athletics (1945). Charles Peter George was born on Christmas Day, December 25, in 1912 in Waycross, Ga. His parents, Peter and Alice, were both born … Continue reading Grave Story: Charley “Greek” George (1912-1999)