Obituary: Bobby Prescott (1931-2020)

RIP to Bobby Prescott, a Panamanian power hitter who had a brief stay in the major leagues after years of productivity in the minors. He died on August 2 at the age of 89. Prescott played for the Kansas City Athletics in 1961. George Bertrand "Bobby" Prescott was born in Colon, Panama on March 27, … Continue reading Obituary: Bobby Prescott (1931-2020)

Grave Story: Fred Waterman (1845-1899)

Here lies Fred Waterman, the third baseman on the 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings, baseball’s first openly professional team. He also had a productive career in baseball before and after the Red Stockings. Sadly, he died in poverty and largely forgotten in the city where he helped make baseball history. Waterman played in the National Association … Continue reading Grave Story: Fred Waterman (1845-1899)

Road trip to Chattanooga: Unmarked graves & Lookouts

With it being Spring Break, the family decided on a short trip to Chattanooga for a little fun, cemetery searching and minor league baseball. I'd been there once before and found a few graves at the Chattanooga National Cemetery, but rain kept me from exploring any further. This week, the weather was perfect. Though I … Continue reading Road trip to Chattanooga: Unmarked graves & Lookouts