Grave Story: Ralph Kreitz (1885-1941)

Here lies Ralph Kreitz, who played in 7 games for the Chicago White Sox in 1911. But despite his short major-league career, he managed to become a South Side hero, thanks to one exhibition game. Ralph Wesley Kreitz was born in Plum Creek, Neb., on November 13, 1885. His parents, Martin and Bertha (Branch) Kreitz, … Continue reading Grave Story: Ralph Kreitz (1885-1941)

Grave Story: Marvin Felderman (1915-2000)

Here lies Marv Felderman, whose major-league career lasted for three games with the Chicago Cubs in 1942. His minor-league career lasted a good bit longer than that, and his military career had some athletic highlights as well. Marvin Wilfred Felderman was born in Bellevue, Iowa, on December 20, 1915. He was nicknamed “Coonie,” which was … Continue reading Grave Story: Marvin Felderman (1915-2000)

Grave Story: Heinie Heltzel (1913-1998)

Here lies William "Heinie" Heltzel, who had a 13-year career in professional baseball that included a couple of stops in the major leagues during World War II. Heltzel, a shortstop and third baseman, played for the Boston Braves (1943) and Philadelphia Phillies (1944). William Wade Heltzel was born in York, Pa., on December 21, 1913. … Continue reading Grave Story: Heinie Heltzel (1913-1998)

Grave Story: Shoeless Joe Jackson (1887-1951)

It’s time to talk about one of the greatest hitters in baseball history. And while much of Shoeless Joe Jackson’s life is still the subject of debate and misconception, I think baseball fans can at least agree on that much. Jackson played for the Philadelphia Athletics (1908-09), Cleveland Naps/Indians (1910-15) and Chicago White Sox (1915-20). … Continue reading Grave Story: Shoeless Joe Jackson (1887-1951)