Grave Story: Earl Naylor (1919-1990)

Here lies Earl Naylor, a rare two-way player during the 1940s. He started out as an outfielder, and a strong throwing arm led to a brief pitching experiment. Naylor played for the Philadelphia Phillies (1942-43) and Brooklyn Dodgers (1946). Earl Naylor was born on May 19, 1919 in Kansas City, Mo. He had an early … Continue reading Grave Story: Earl Naylor (1919-1990)


Grave Story: Jesse Petty (1894-1971)

Here lies Jesse Petty, a hard-luck pitcher in the major leagues from the 1920s before becoming a very successful minor-leaguer into the mid-‘30s. The lefty played for the Cleveland Indians (1921), Brooklyn Robins (1925-28), Pittsburgh Pirates (1929-30) and Chicago Cubs (1930). Jesse Petty, nicknamed “The Silver Fox,” was born on November 23, 1894 in Orr, … Continue reading Grave Story: Jesse Petty (1894-1971)

Grave Story: Russ McKelvy (1854-1915)

Here lies Russ McKelvy, an early two-way baseball player who played parts of two seasons in two different leagues. McKelvy was an outfielder and pitcher for the Indianapolis Blues of the National League (1878) and the Pittsburgh Allegheneys of the American Association (1882). Russell Errett McKelvy was born on September 8, 1854 in Swissville, Pa. … Continue reading Grave Story: Russ McKelvy (1854-1915)