Baseball history: Chief Meyers wants you to stop killing his brother

This is a really poor copy of the Detroit Free Press, dated September 16, 1913, but I have transcribed it as best as I can, because this needs to be preserved for posterity. Some of the language is un-PC, but it was 1913.

Source: Detroit Free Press, September 16, 1913.

“So insistent have the newspapers become on killing members of “Chief” Meyers’ family through their columns that the Giants Indian catcher thinks it is time for one of his slain relatives to rise like Mark Twain and state that the reports of his death are greatly exaggerated.

“In an effort to save the Meyers’ from any further printers ink casualties, the “Chief” today issued the following statement:

“A newspaper item has just been sent to me which states that George Meyers, a brother of “Chief” Meyers, was shot while engaged in a quarrel with one Sam Lang. The dispatch is dated Denver, September 11. I wish to obtain as wide publicity as possible for one or two corrections, which I trust will be permanent.

“I have one brother, but he is not and has not been in Denver and furthermore his name is not George. His first name could not, even by a deaf and dumb man, be twisted into any sound which could in the slightest resemble George. My brother is a quiet chap and, so far as I know, he has never been shot and killed in his whole life. This is the third time that a brother of mine has been reported as dying a violent death, and in consideration of this fact I wish to beg all space writers and other correspondents to respect my affliction and shoot up somebody else’s family for awhile.

“You can readily see it is also unsettling for my mother and my brother to have the latter wounded and killed so frequently. Seriously, it is far from pleasant to receive telegrams which state that a member of one’s family has been shot and requesting information as to what to do with the remains.

“(Signed) John T. Meyers”


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