Site news: RIP Baseball archive page!

Hey there, I hope you’re enjoying your visit to this blog. I’ve been writing it since mid-October, and in that time, I have added (as of this moment) 30 stories on graves I’ve visited and 42 obituaries of recently deceased baseball players and others connected with the game.

To help you keep up with anything you may have missed, or if you’re just feeling like going down an RIP Baseball wormhole for a while, I’ve created an archive page where you can find links to all of those stories in one place. It’s on the menu of this page, but you can also get to it by clicking here:

If you have any suggestions on what I can do to make this a more user-friendly please, please let me know by sending me a comment on the contact page. I’m a web design neophyte, but I’m trying! Thanks for visiting.


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