Video: St. Louis Cemetery No. 3, New Orleans

I was in New Orleans a month or so ago for a family wedding, so of course I visited a few cemeteries along the way. I took this short video at St. Louis Cemetery No. 3 as the church bells of St. Louis rang out on a Sunday morning. The mausoleum that I’m focusing on is where former New York Yankee Aaron Ward is interred.

Yeah, I know I was holding my phone the wrong way. It was a first-time video; I’ll get the hang of it. But enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet in a beautiful New Orleans cemetery.

(I’m on the road at the moment as well, so I haven’t been able to finish the research into my latest grave story. It’s a surprisingly in-depth story, particularly for someone who only had 9 major-league at-bats!)


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