Happy Thanksgiving from RIP Baseball

Greetings to everyone who’s found this new blog, and Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I started down this journey of gravesites and baseball history a few years ago, and on a lark, I thought that there might be other baseball fans who would be interested in what I found.

Since then, this project has grown from a Twitter feed to an Instagram account to a Facebook page to this blog. Along the way, I’ve found quite a few baseball fans who like what I do as well as a few who hunt out baseball graves too. So to everyone who follows me on social media or reads this blog, I’m incredibly thankful for you! I’m odd enough that I’d probably keep doing this even if nobody else cared, but the fact that people actually read this stuff keeps me searching out interesting stories. I have many more stories to share, so keep coming back for more!

Thanks, Sam


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